Bathroom renovation

Tired of your bathroom? Hate the old tiles? Desperate for a change? Whatever your vision, Reno-STS Inc. will help you achieve it. We would love to help you with any job, big or small, that will improve your bathroom’s looks and functionality.

Bathroom remodeling and renovation

We specialize in big bathroom renovation projects. You’d be amazed to see how beautiful your bathroom can look after we’ve done our job.
This investment in a redesigned bathroom will upgrade your whole house and increase its value in the market. Our pricing is not just competitive - it’s been designed to make it easy for you to enjoy a new, beautiful bathroom as soon as possible.

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Install Shower
Do you have a leaky shower? Want to replace the showerhead? Replace the shower altogether, or install a glass shower door for a contemporary new look? Reno-STS Inc. can do it all for a clean, professional, polished look.  

Replace Tiles
Tired-looking tiles? Broken tiles need replacing? Reno-STS Inc. can help! Simply changing the tiles in the bathroom can transform the entire look of the place. Reno-STS Inc. have years of professional experience with bathroom repairs and renovations. Expect the best, because that’s what we deliver.  

Replace Fixtures 
Small details make all the difference when you’re looking to refresh the appearance of your bathroom. Styles of bathroom fixtures are always changing. Whether you like a luxurious bathroom with royal finishes, or a contemporary design with a clean, classic look, changing the fixtures in the bathroom will complement your style. So if your little princess wants fixtures with fancy flourishes, or you want to personalize the kids’ bath with small changes, Reno-STS Inc. can change every kind of bathroom fixture for you, big or small.  

Install Jacuzzi
Whether you’re looking to enhance the value of your home, or simply enjoy the luxurious experience of a Jacuzzi, installing a hottub in the bathroom is a great idea. Reno-STS Inc. have years of experience in remodeling bathrooms to install Jacuzzis and hottubs. You want a pro for a job like this, and that’s what you can expect at Reno-STS Inc. -  quick, clean, top-quality professional work.

Fix Toilet
Leaky toilet driving you crazy? Reno-STS Inc. is just a phone call away! Our handymen have both the tools and the knowhow to fix your leaking toilet, as well as to repair the damage to the floor and to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Call us anytime, and let the professionals handle it for you.  

Replace Vanity
Replacing the vanity in the bathroom is not a simple job, but it can alter the look of your bathroom dramatically. When you’re ready to change the bathroom vanity, give Reno-STS Inc. a call, and relax! Reno-STS Inc. come prepared with all the tools and solutions for every household repair. When you want to be sure the plumbing is done right, and the counter is installed and sealed with a clean finish, you’re in excellent hands with Reno-STS Inc.

Fixing Leaks
With all of the water and fixtures that water runs through in a bathroom it is little wonder that you might end up with a leak. Whether it is faucets, showerheads, pipes, toilets, or something else in the washroom call us for help and we will have a professional there ASAP to stock the leak and fix any damage caused by it.

Bathtub Replacement
Has the bathtub gotten damaged or you want to replace it with something new? Over time not only will the styles of fixtures in the washroom change, so too will the style and design of bathtubs. If you want to upgrade to a Jacuzzi tub, need a walk-in tub installed, or have the tub done away with completely and convert to a shower instead we can.