Log Houses

Reno-STS Inc. range of products includes private homes, holiday homes, saunas and large commercial developments such as hotels, restaurants and holiday villages.

Logs are a versatile and pliable building material. They bend to the wishes of designers and architects just as they do to the wind in nature. Logs can easily be combined with many interesting materials, including stone, steel and glass. There’s also plenty of room for play, and even wild ideas like tall romantic towers or diverse wood carvings are easy to implement. A well-designed log house truly is like a work of art.

Each and every house in the Reno-STS Inc. range has been designed to be a home of good living. Indeed, many people find the home of their dreams in our range of prefabricated houses. However, all of the houses in our collection can also be used as the starting point for a unique design. You can put your own personal touch on one of our existing house models or start from scratch and design your dream house from the ground up.

Reno-STS Inc.  is a unique builder in the log building industry, building unique and innovative private and holiday homes. We invest heavily in state-of-the-art technology and we consider marketing to be an important means of continuing to grow our business.