Installing Light Fixtures
Our professionals know how to take care of lighting needs. We have experience installing pot lights, track lights, chandeliers, and just about any other type of light you can find. So whether you have no light at all and need that extra glow or you want to swap an older fixture with something new our Handymen have done it before and can take care of it for you. We install lights in all areas of the house from the basement to the attic and everything in between.
Installing Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans can be a great help in circulating air in a room and can be made to run clockwise or counter clockwise which will affect which way the air is being pushed. Choosing which way the air goes can make the summer time just that little bit cooler without an air conditioner or needing to turn one up further and can also help push down all that nice warm air that’s pooling at the ceiling in the winter. 
Trust our Experts at Reno-STS Inc. to install your ceiling fan. We have the skills and experience to install a ceiling fan, replace a light with a ceiling fan, or install a ceiling fan that includes lights; we have you covered.
Replacing Lights
It may seem a little silly to have someone else come in to replace burnt out lights but if your mobility is limited or you need a tall ladder to even reach the light you might find yourself tempted to call for some help when things get a little dark. If you don’t have the bulbs you need we will go out and purchase them for you and come back and brighten up your day, and of course since you will have a professional Handyman you can ask him to take care of any other things around the house that need a touch up or repair.
Hanging Holiday Lights
One of the best parts of the holiday season is the holiday lights, whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukkah, Divali, or any of the other festivals of light. Or perhaps you just love the tradition of lighting up the winter darkness with beautiful shimmering glowing colours. At Reno-STS Inc., holiday seasons are busy with hanging holiday lights in any shape or design you want. If you want them neatly along the edge of your roof, or lining your porch or your windows, Reno-STS Inc. can do it for you. If you don’t have outlets outside, we can install them for you. So whatever your choice of festivity: whether it’s Christmas lights, Channukah lights, Divali lights, or simply Holiday lights, stay warm in the house and let Reno-STS Inc. do the work. Reno-STS Inc. come prepared with all the tools and implements to make sure your holiday lights are hanging just right!