Fence Repair
Is your fence falling apart, or do you need a fence built? Reno-STS Inc. can fix your fence for you. Whether you’re looking to secure your home against intruders, or you’d just like greater privacy, a fence is an important element of a home. It marks the boundary of your personal kingdom, and provides a feeling of safety and security to your family. SOS Handymen is all about that. We’ll make sure the fence is anchored properly in the ground, that it’s standing tall and sturdy and straight, and we can do all the decorative touches as well. Want to install lattices on the fence? Or install hooks for hanging plants or lamps? Reno-STS Inc. can do it all. Call today for worry-free fence repair.
Hanging Holiday Lights
One of the best parts of the holiday season is the holiday lights, whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukkah, Divali, or any of the other festivals of light. Or perhaps you just love the tradition of lighting up the winter darkness with beautiful shimmering glowing colours. At Reno-STS Inc., holiday seasons are busy with hanging holiday lights in any shape or design you want. If you want them neatly along the edge of your roof, or lining your porch or your windows, Reno-STS Inc. can do it for you. If you don’t have outlets outside, we can install them for you. So whatever your choice of festivity: whether it’s Christmas lights, Channukah lights, Divali lights, or simply Holiday lights, stay warm in the house and let Reno-STS Inc. do the work. Reno-STS Inc. come prepared with all the tools and implements to make sure your holiday lights are hanging just right!

Roof Repair
Tired of wondering what's crawling around in your attic? Call Reno-STS Inc. to seal up your roof! Whether your roof is tired-looking and in need of a shingle makeover, or whether your roof is leaking and destroying your walls, Reno-STS Inc. can take care of every roofing repair. We have the knowhow and years of experience to make sure the repair is done right. So save the tent for camping outdoors. Let Reno-STS Inc. take care of your roof problem and relax in the warmth inside.
Deck Repair
Is your deck falling apart? Or need to build a new deck? Reno-STS Inc. can do every deck repair or, if necessary, we can build you a deck from scratch! Make the most out of barbecue season with a gorgeous outdoor space, constructed right and on time.
Shed Repair
Need an outdoor storage space, and looking wistfully at your neighbour’s shed? Don’t waste money on the plastic contraptions that fall apart with the first rainstorm. Reno-STS Inc. will build you a shed that’s the envy of your neighbours. We’ll build it to your specifications, install lights and shelving. Or, if your existing shed just needs a little TLC, we can fix it for you. Reno-STS Inc. have years of experience with shed repair and building, so whatever your outdoor storage needs, big or small, our guys have the skills and the experience to do it for you.
We also do all kinds of other outdoor repairs, from brick repairs, big and small, to cement and pavement repair. Let Reno-STS Inc. take care of all of your outdoor repair needs.