Furniture Assembly

If you're like most of our customers, you despise assembling furniture. Reading the instructions is often like deciphering hierogphylics, and spending hours assembling something is nobody’s idea of a good time when life is short and precious. So if you’ve bought your bed-in-a-box, relax, and leave it to Reno-STS Inc.!

Reno-STS Inc. assemble furniture daily. They come prepared with all the tools, so you don’t have to rely on the miniature ones that came with your box. That means your new furniture will be ready faster, assembled better, and you won't have to decode any instruction to figure it out.

So focus on what you do well, and leave the rest to us.

Whether you want us to assemble a bed, or a new mirrored wardrobe, or the dresser with changing table you just bought for the baby, call Reno-STS Inc. You can be sure your new acquisition is in excellent hands